Blued Cut Tacks

The Cut Steel Tack is a cost effective nail for attaching cloth or carpet to wood or concrete.

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Supplied in either Bulk (10 Kilo or 50 Lb. cartons) or Pre-Packed (2 Kilo or 500 Gms Boxes).

Sizes range from 10 mm to 32 mm Cut Tacks.



We offer Blued Cut Tacks to customers across the world. For up-to-date commercial prices, please contact us and we will send the relevant pricelists. we have standard pricing for UK Sterling, US Dollars and Euros. Export prices depend on shipping method and quantity ordered.

We offer Trade Discounts and Credit Facilities to our corporate customers.


We can create an Email Payment order through Paypal for you with whatever tacks you require. Just send us an email with your order and we will send you an email invoice in your chosen currency with easy to follow instructions on how to pay online.

The following items are available by Royal Mail to UK only customers. All items are packed in 500 Gms cardboard cartons (c. 1.1 Pounds).

Prices include Postage & Packing but exclude 17.5% VAT.

Payment is processed by secure server at Paypal.

DescriptionSKU #Price

/500 Gms.



6mm Fine Cut Tacks - 500 Gms.50236840010216.20
10mm Fine Cut Tacks - 500 Gms.50236840050296.00
13mm Fine Cut Tacks - 500 Gms.50236840070235.80
16mm Fine Cut Tacks - 500 Gms.50236840090275.80
20mm Fine Cut Tacks - 500 Gms.50236840110205.70
25mm Fine Cut Tacks - 500 Gms.50236840150285.70
32mm Fine Cut Tacks - 500 Gms.50236840170225.70
13mm White Gimp Pins - 500 Gms.5023684051026 7.40
13mm Black Gimp Pins - 500 Gms.50236840520237.40
13mm Fawn Gimp Pins - 500 Gms.5023684053020 7.40
13mm Grey Gimp Pins - 500 Gms.5023684054027 7.40
13mm Yellow Gimp Pins - 500 Gms.5023684055024 7.40
13mm Red Gimp Pins - 500 Gms.5023684056021 7.40
13mm Blue Gimp Pins - 500 Gms.5023684057028 7.40
13mm Brown Gimp Pins - 500 Gms.5023684058025 7.40
13mm Green Gimp Pins - 500 Gms.5023684059022  7.40

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